candid conversations About

mental health &
the challenges people
face daily

mental health & the


people face daily

The Wondering Mind Co. is helping break down the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health.

You’re not broken.

You were born this way.

There are others who think like you.

There are other
neurodivergent folx
out there.

Despite living in a world that is not set up for every one to succeed, you must realize that, that does not mean you cannot learn to work with your mental health & begin to navigate through the trenches in order to live a wonderful & healthy life.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it

- Emily Elizabeth-

You’re not broken.

You were born this way.

There are others who think like you.

There are other
neurodivergent folx
out there.

Latest Episodes

56: Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

With Erika Lacey

** Warning- Episode mentions emotional trauma, physical trauma, addiction/drugs and talks of suicide ** Today I chat with @erikalaceyreads all about her traumatic experiences due to...
55: Alive AF

With Samantha Perkins

Samantha Perkins is the author of Alive AF- One Anxious Mom's Journey to Becoming Alcohol Free joins me on the show today to talk all...
54: Thought Turbulence

With Sam Led

In today's episode I'm joined by Sam Led. Sam is a no-nonsense, mindset and transformation coach, speaker, author of Fear<Less and host of The Fearless...
53: Miss Misophonia

With Jennifer Lee

In today's episode I chat with Jennifer Lee. Jennifer is a misophonia advocate who raises awareness via her social media platforms in hopes to educate...
52: Fearing Food

With Tonya Phillips

In today's episode I chat with Mother and host of the Not So Darlin Podcast Tonya Phillips. Today Tonya dives into details regarding her battle with...
51: Breaking Away

With Skylar Graudick

In today's episode I chat with former LMPD officer, Skylar Graudick. Today Skylar gets completely transparent and does not hold back while telling the truth...
50: Set Pride Aside

With Lauren Dow

WE HIT OUR 50TH EPISODE! And to celebrate I brought on Author Lauren Dow of In Body I Trust! In today's episode Lauren opens up about...
49: Beauty Beyond The Threshold

With Tiffany Mosher

In today's episode I chat with author and International Missions Director with AIDNOW, Tiffany Mosher. Today Tiffany opens up about going through a traumatic and unexpected...
48: Embrace Your Authentic Self

With John Sovec

In today's episode I chat with John Sovec. John is a speaker, motivator, author, therapist & coach. Today John shares his insight, perspective and knowledge on...
47: It's The Little Things

With Rashad Meyers

In today's episode I chat with my buddy Rashad Meyers. Rashad is the founder of Cup of Soul Coffee, co-founder of Bikes, Cruise & Brews...

You Tube Channel

Be Mindful

It’s important to remember to live your life away from your phone. We can get sucked into the web so easily that we quickly become disconnected from ourselves. The Wondering Mind Co. is here to remind you to be mindful + that it’s ok to take time for you.

Be Proactive

Taking care of your mental health is going to look different for everyone. Don’t let society or others fool you into thinking that there is a right or wrong way to take care of yourself. The Wondering Mind Co.  is proud to be a part of your healing journey.

Be Intentional

Part of the healing process is becoming self aware. Self awareness leads us to living a more purposeful and intentional life. It’s not an easy thing to master, we must work on it every day and The Wondering Mind Co. is here to motivate you along the way.



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