Why Start a Mental
Health Brand?

Allow me to introduce myself,
I’m Emily Elizabeth  . . .

I’ve battled with my mental health my entire life and four years ago, I decided to speak up about my experiences and the challenges I’ve faced and continue to face.

Overtime, I’ve come to realize that talking about our struggles is where we find the strength to heal and connect with others. 

We all struggle to some degree or another. However, if we choose to share our most vulnerable and honest stories, we can help others feel a little less alone.

Fueled by my own struggles with depression, ADHD and anxiety, I created The Wondering Mind Co. to provide a resource and safe space for folx like you to connect, learn and grow.

The goal with the Wondering Mind Co is to educate, encourage and empower folx all around the world recognize that, you do in fact have it within you to keep going, to heal and to learn from your hardships.

By choosing to be vulnerable, we can continue to break mental health stigmas and normalize talking about mental health through candid conversations.

The Wondering Mind Co. provides a multitude of mental health resources including, The Wondering Mind Podcast.

The Podcast is all about about breaking down the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health through transparent and candid conversations.

Listen in, on Apple Podcast or Spotify and hear all about the different stories each diverse guests share. They walk us through their mental health journey’s, share their insight, perspective and some digestible tools you can utilize within your own life.

The Wondering Mind Co. also launched a Mental Health clothing line to help empower you and spread mental health awareness where ever you go. 

I hope you find valuable insight, motivation and encouragement within.

Thank you so much for your support!

- Emily Elizabeth-

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