Absence of Proof: Changing the Culture Around Drinking

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In today’s episode I chat with Elizabeth Gascoigne. Elizabeth is the founder of Absence of Proof, a brand that hosts pop up events around NYC that do not serve alcohol. 

Elizabeth has been sober curious off and on throughout her entire adult life and she has consistently been disappointed with the non-alcohol focused nightlife options in NYC. So she decided to create a space where people feel welcome – whether they’re sober, sober curious, or just want a night off of drinking without a night off of fun.

Elizabeth tells us about the creative process and inspiration behind Absence of Proof & she shares some insight into how she personally feels about the culture and stigmas surrounding being a N/A individual. We also discuss why it’s so important for her mental health and over well-being to continue to normalize and promote how living an alcohol free life isn’t boring, it’s cool and fun!

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