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Today’s episode features Michelle Lukezic, graphic designer and co-founder of MakeGoodTogether. 
MakeGoodTogether aims to empower people to be the leaders that the world so desperately needs. They encourage and inspire people to take accountability for their actions and influence, by modeling behaviors that align with prioritizing the health and well-being of all on planet earth.

Michelle leads strategic communications and creative direction for MakeGoodTogether. She has extensive experience in brand strategy and communication; as she has been running her own design consultancy for over twenty years. Pair that with her love of understanding the human condition within the social context, and her desire to always help others become their best selves, and this project seems like it was a perfect match. Her traits of empathy, understanding, and dedication to making the world a brighter place drive her actions.

During this conversation Michelle shares with the audience what her main motivation was when creating MakeGoodTogether, how it has impacted her mental health, how she manages to continue to build the brand, ways others can get involved and more!

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