In this episode, I interview mental health advocate, Emily Elizabeth.

She takes us through her post-breakup growth journey where she rebuilds a relationship with herself, starts her sobriety journey, learns to listen to her intuition, and navigates depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Her healing journey lead her to create The Wondering Mind Podcast to spread awareness and education about mental health.

About Emily:

Emily Elizabeth founded The Wondering Mind Podcast in February of 2020 after going through a difficult breakup.

Prior to the breakup, Emily’s mental health had been declining and in an attempt to try and save the relationship she figured if she began to “fix” herself it would in turn fix the relationship.

It in fact did not. What did happen was that Emily realized how in control she could be over her life and her mental health.

It inspired her to create the podcast where she would share her mental health experiences, as well as the stories of others in hopes to encourage and comfort folx who may be struggling and in need of some help and support.

Emily is also in the process of creating a mental health apparel line called The Wondering Mind Co. which she hopes will help normalize mental health through fashion.

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