Mental health is not something you work on. It’s not something you obtain. It’s not something you “manage.” It is your true north. Your essential nature.

And it’s all there on offer. And in the immortal words of the Scottish mystic Sydney Banks: “We are just one thought away from mental wellbeing. Just one thought.” Nothing better encapsulates this truth when we finally see who and what we truly are, underneath the noise of thought and thinking.

It’s called inner resilience and inner wisdom that guides us along the river of life like a perfect GPS system. We have flickers of our inner wisdom all day long. We just don’t pay attention to it enough. Emily Davis, host of the brilliant mental health podcast, “The Wondering Mind,” gets this truth. Then she forgets. Then she remembers again (like all of us do from time to time).

Emily and I sat down to chat about her journey with ADHD and depression and how, after many years of suffering she started paying attention and trusting her own inner wisdom underneath the noise of her thinking.

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